Informed Consent Informs Pot Policy

So why is it that I can choose to by a process some might regard as crucial to health best practiceinformed consent” reject chemo, radiation, immunology, statins, even Aspro. I can do this and still have the support of my GP. SO why do I need to go begging to a busy, expensive specialist who must then interface with a Health official for something that is (a) intrinsically safe, (b) low cost, (c) supported in science (d) and MY CHOICE?
Indeed when it comes to informed consent, why should I need to do anything just because a Doctor says, or doesn’t say….
Ipso facto, what I do, or choose not too is a matter between me and my Doctor. (cf: Rolleston Method)

What if I am sensitive about my health status, for ACC or Health Insurance? Or just because, well, just because OK!   (see )

Someone needs to read the Ottawa Charter.

Another case where Class D cuts it.

Blair Anderson

from Canvassing for Opinion – aka “Blairs Brain on Cannabis”


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