What is an Alcohol Rehabilitation Program?

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Alcohol rehabilitation program definition

An addiction rehabilitation program is a service that provides treatment and recovery services to someone who abuses or has become addicted to alcohol. Alcohol rehabilitation programs can be inpatient or outpatient and include treatment services that are adapted to the needs of each individual patient. They provide detox services, psychological treatment and counseling. Aftercare programs or referral to aftercare services round up alcohol rehabilitation treatment.

Alcohol rehabilitation program goals

There are several goals that alcohol rehabilitation programs aim to achieve. The main goals of alcohol rehabilitation are to:

1. End alcohol abuse
2. Improve overall health
3. Treat psychiatric disorders and psychological problems
4. Re-integration as a productive member of society

One of the first and most important goals of alcohol rehabilitation is to end alcohol abuse. This goal will be achieved by making personal, interpersonal, and psychological changes in order to remain abstinent from alcohol use.

The next goal is to improve overall health. In addition to the benefits of sobriety, alcohol rehab programs also aim to reduce future health risks, which often present themselves when someone has been abusing alcohol for a significant period of time.

Another alcohol rehabilitation goal is to treat psychiatric disorders and psychological problems. Often, when alcohol has been abused for a significant amount of time, a person experiences underlying psychological trauma or psychiatric disorders that have stemmed from abuse or previous events. When you quit drinking and enter a rehabilitation program, these issues will typically surface and cause you to want to drink or exit the program. Alcohol rehabilitation programs aim to treat these psychological problems in order to secure a chance at remaining sober in the future.

The last goal of alcohol rehabilitation programs are to help you integrate back into society. It is important that former alcoholics meet employment and educational needs, resolve legal problems, and improve their own personal circumstances. These goals aim to give the patient a positive future and set them up for success outside of the program.

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